arken_skye (arken_skye) wrote in egl,

Wearing ouji as a girl?

I did my best to search through using all the wordings I could think of, and did not see this question or anything like it anywhere. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by my ignorance x.x

Recently I fell in love with ouji-style (kodona, boystyle, whatever you want to call it) and also realized that it’s probably a lot comfier to sit in at school all day than skirts and petti – and wouldn’t require any inelegant fluffing-up. Buuut, will it look strange when I’m a bit sorta curvy??

I’m 92-71-93 (~36”-27”-37”) and I’m not sure it’ll look half as cute on me as someone who’s more “boy-shaped”. (...Lolita often makes me wish I was completely flat-chested. v.v)

I already (kinda xD) tried chest-binding - after watching some anime that was so terrible I can’t even remember the title, (generic girl-pretends-to-be-boy type stuff) I had a go at the “wrap bandages really tightly round your chest and your D-cup will become instantly flat as a board” method, and all I ended up with was one huge, square lump on my chest. So, either I did something wrong, or anime, amazingly, isn’t an all-inclusive guide to life. Unfortunate as that may be.

So, anyone got any comments, suggestions, and/or better ways of miraculously shrinking busts?


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