nomuzik_nolive (nomuzik_nolive) wrote in egl,

Fun-kei Space Adventures

Hello sweet lovers! I'd like to share with you my latest items in the Fun-kei series I started a while back - super cute necklaces in the sweetest and most sparkly colors.

Couldn't resist making a Wishing Star necklace, though I also couldn't let it be too generic. =) Comes in a form of a short necklace and a hairclip.

These are 2 designs for extra glittery long necklaces, that will be extra decorated with stars on the chain. The cutest spaceships in the galaxy!

There will also be star bracelets and 2-way bow clips, but I was so eager to share these cuties, that I couldn't wait! As most my designs, the color choice is totaly custom. I'll also announce these as special combo sets in a matter of days, so if you are interested, you can check my blog for updates. Thanks for looking!

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