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Circle Lens Review

Hi all! I don't know how many on the EGL community wear/own

circle lens, but I thought a review from my first time purchase might be of
some help. :)

I purchased my circle lenses from Eyecandy Lens, here's the link:

This was a first time purchase of Circle Lens and I was curious for a long time
as to what they would look like. When I ordered I got two sets to try out, one
set blue and the other black. (Pictures with model names below)

First thing I have to say about Eyecandy Lens is that they're pretty reasonable
in price (I've seen some pretty damn expensive sites selling just regular, run
of the mill black lenses and they've wanted over $30 a pair!) While not the
cheapest either, I saw a lot of the models on sale when I was surfing their
site. Eyecandy Lens' prices run around $19-25 a pair.

Another thing I really liked about Eyecandy is that they had a very large
selection of different lenses and they also had prescription lenses, yay!
(Science---it's wonderful, isn't it?) I'm a -4.00, so I was worried if I wanted
to wear lenses, then I would have to walk around blind--or worse yet, wear my

Shipping wasn't lightning fast (About 10 days), but I cannot complain because
Eyecandy offers free worldwide shipping (score!). AND, I got a bonus case for
each set of contacts I ordered. 

When I got them in the mail yesterday, they came in a flat; bubble envelope and
each set of vials were individually wrapped in bubble wrap--which was great,
because I was so afraid they might come broken. Each contact comes in a
separate glass vial that is sealed for your protection. The vials are filled
with preservative solution that are pretty caustic to the eyes so PLEASE, SOAK
THEM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD in some good ole' contact solution or you will be in a
world of pain. (I use Alcon's Opti-Free Replenish, as apparently, the rest of
the circle lenses-wearing world, hahah.) Soak them for at least six hours--I
wear contacts on a daily basis, so if you're not used to wearing contacts, try
to soak them for 24 hours.

Here are some photos of the lenses with my thoughts on each pair:

This is my natural eye color, which is a light, kind of chocolate brown. I feel
that when I was shopping for lenses/reading reviews, this helped me gauge how
the contacts would look on dark eyes.

These are the Shimmer Aqua three-tone contacts. They're a turquoise blue sort
of color with a lighter blue and a yellow blending in closer to your pupil.
These puppies have a 14.2mm diameter, and they were plenty big, to be quite

These were a more expensive pair; I got them on sale for $29.40 USD.

What I like about these: They're a really, really pretty color (that my
crappy camera can't really do justice to) and on my brown eyes, they look more
green. They also don't look very unnatural and alien-like!

What I dislike: I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like the yellow
part of the lens is too close to my actual pupil, so it looks very blurry when
I wear them (kind of like there's fingerprints on my contact) That means that I
have to limit my time wearing these to a very short span. 

Also, I wish they made the colors a little more flat and less 3D-looking, as it
kind of gave my eyes a weird shape.

Ratings for this set:

Price- 3/5

Comfort- 2/5

Appearance- 4/5

Overall- 3/5

My next set is the Extra Magic Black. They're a little larger than the blue
ones, measuring at 14.7mm. I have to say,  they are HUGE!  I got these for $23.50.

"Hoot hoot, yo!"

What I like about these: These are SO comfortable! They feel a little
strange at first and take a little getting used to, but I forget these are in
within 5 minutes. They're also not completely black, so I don't look like a
completely creepy, soulless doll, haha, and just the outer part of the contact
is black, leaving a little room for my brown iris to peep through.

They also make your pupils look enormous, so don't wear this without at least a
little make-up as they have the potential to make you look demonic/cracked-out.

What I don't like: Not much, to be honest, I think they're a really cute
and comfortable set, and while they do creep me out a bit, I think I just have
to change my make-up routine in these and figure out a way to play them up in a
way that's more flattering.

Ratings for this set:

Price- 4/5

Comfort- 5/5

Appearance- 4/5

Overall- 5/5

Overall Experience:
I had no problems with Eyecandy Lens. They shipped out in the allotted time,
gave me good-quality lenses and I loved their free shipping and huge selection.
I definitely recommend purchasing from them if you're thinking about buying
Circle Lens in the near future!

Bonus Pic:

Imma herpin' and a derpin'!

Thanks for reading! <3

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