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CosplayWigsUSA Review: Wavy Wine Red Lolita Wig [POSITIVE]



  • Saturday, August 13th: Ordered wig for 56.00USD (I was worried it would sell out like it did before, so I went ahead and ordered on a Saturday, even though it wouldn't ship until...)
  • Monday, August 15th: Shipped.
  • Wednesday, August 17th: Recieved. Frankly, this is the fastest I've ever received an item, and I've ordered some things from right in my town.


I didn't get a picture of the package, I tore it open before I thought of it, LOL. But it was a cardboard packet-like package. This what was inside though, the wig in its bag. I was fooled for a sec. The two detachable ponytails are clipped together and look like one, and i though one was was missing, but then I realized they were just attached to each other. DERP IS ME.

From left to right: The base wig and the detachable ponytails.

This is the wig cap that came with the wig., Now... this is not my favorite type of wig cap in the world. I prefer the more panty-hose types. They're insanely hotter and don’t breath at all, but they just work better for my hair type, and are easier for me use. I don't know what I'm going to do with this, though it was nice for CosplayWigsUSA to include it, since most people usually don't have one on hand. Gesture noted and appreciated :)


These first two pictures aren't very color accurate. The problem with red is it’s a very hard color to photograph.

These three webcam pictures, while lit badly, are ironically more accurate to color. When they said “wine” they mean “wine”.

Wig with ponytails. LOL at my blood-splattered nightgown in the right hand corner. I plan for Halloween REALLY early. Like, January. In fact, I plan to wear  this wig with that costume! 

Wig base.


Communication = 5/5 = I didn't really have to talk to these guys through their FaceBook page. I will mention, if you use a PayPal, like I did, and don't make an account, they give you an account on their site anyways so you can you can track your order. Nice, huh?

Quality = 4.5/5 = I frequent wig stores often, and these are probably some of the best fake fibers I’ve ever felt, which I really wasn’t expecting. Some fibers are falling out, but not excessively, and frankly, I've heard of 80USD wigs having fibers drop out , so I'm not going to judge too harshly for that (-.5).

Shipping = 5/5 = Never experienced quicker shipping once it was actually sent out, and I just got an artbook from someone who lives 20 minutes away from me. Amazing fast!

Overall= 4.5/5 = I'm, so glad I bought this. (Though I'm going to get my hairstylist friend to trim the bangs for me seeing as I can't cut straight to save my life). I see myself wearing this a lot. Wigs are such a better a better alternative to dying your hair every time you feel like you need a change!
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