miscy (miscy) wrote in egl,

Sew-loli is getting new tags!

Hey folks! I am temporarily acting as a mod for sew_loli  while we are re-working our very old and out-dated tagging system. I have finally updated all the tags and have come here to ask any members who have posted there in the past to please view THIS ENTRY and help us re-tag your old entries.

We are hoping most active users can re-tag their own entries this week, then the 'tag mod' team will take over and re-tag all of the older entries. Any help we can get with this project is greatly appreciated! This will make our community a better resource for those wishing to get into sewing or looking for hand made lolita examples. Thank you for pitching in!

~Sew_loli re-tag team!

(posted with approval from colortheory )

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