lolitabunnyshop (lolitabunnyshop) wrote in egl,

Survey result + 3 Winners + Bonous pictures


Sorry for late announcement! We wer busy with new season's dresses..

Thank you for joining our survey ^^ Here are the result

1. What kind of lolita do you usaually wear?

2. What kind of Gyaru style do you usually wear?

3.  I prefer lolita dress

4.  I prefer coordinate myself with

5. What do you usaually buy when you shoopping(including non lolita item)

6.  What is the most infortant factor when you shopping in through the internet?

7. How much do you usally spend for your fashion(excpet cosmetic stuff)

8.  Which age group you are in?

9.  What size do you wear?

Winers are
1. missspastic for stripe onepeice 
2. starberrynights for corset
3. decayingroots  for necklace

I pmed you for the details, please pm me back.

Here's some pictures from previous work... hope you enjoy!


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