Kardynalka (kwehchocobo) wrote in egl,

Quick Hair Question! RESOLVED! <3

Well, ladies! I just got my first Mary Mag. dress, also being my first brand dress! Normally, I wouldn't care too much for my hair since all I do are very simple, easy to complete, styles, but I'd like to make a very cute photoshoot with this dress.

The model in this picture by MM has the cutest side bun I've ever seen! I've looked in the memories and the search, but nothing shows up with an actual how to for this particular style.

Does anyone know how to make this bun? Or has a link to a tutorial?

Edit: Thanks ladies! Silly me, I didn't even notice that it was as simple as a braid! The tutorial is super helpful! Thanks again!! <3
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, tutorial: hair
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