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In the Starlight Black Bustle Skirt review (Positive!)

 I'm reviewing this skirt from In the Starlight:
It is the Black cotton lolita bustle back skirt with tiered ruffles, custom sized.

I placed my order on August 3, and it was shipped out the very next day.

I received it on August 6, and it was very well packaged in a fairly large box so the skirt wouldn't be crushed.

(These two photos were taken without flash.)

When I tried on the skirt I was very heartbroken that I couldn't pull it up past my hips or pull it over my shoulders.

Something I failed to mention when giving my waist measurement was that I have a very small waist compared to my shoulders and hips.

I sent them a message the same day explaining the problem and got a reply very quickly saying that they'd be more then happy to fix it up and send it back to me at no extra cost.

I sent the skirt back and within 2 days they received it, fixed it the very same day it came to them, and shipped it right back out to me.

They added a zipper to the side which made getting the skirt on and off take about 5 seconds flat and the fit is just perfect.

As you will see in the photos the zipper is hidden by a small flap and is virtually invisible when worn.

Photos of the repair: 

Worn photos taken with flash: 

Quality: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Shipment time: 5/5
Fit: 5/5
Communication: 5/5

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from In the Starlight. 
I loved how they responded to every message quickly and were more then happy to add a zipper to my skirt at no extra charge.

I look forward to more purchases from them! ^.^
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