kunoichiyvette (kunoichiyvette) wrote in egl,

Lolita prints backgrounds for Iphone/Ipad


I make Lolita backgrounds for Iphone and now for Ipad too.

And I have uploaded some new prints on my deviant art site.
Some new prints are Toy Fantasy in all color-ways and Aqua Princess in pink and sax.
People wanted more Gothic prints,so I made some Btssb/Aatp ones.

Click the links to see all of them en download them.

If you missing a print, you would like to have, just ask me :)
I also do Comminsions.

Angelic Pretty:


Baby, the stars shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates:


Random prints(Old Bodyline Prints):

             Metamorphoses                                                                Angelic pretty

I hope you will like them.

P.S. I need a clear image of the Iron gate print for a Background, if someone has one or found one. Please contact me, ty :)


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