Petrina (lenimari512) wrote in egl,

NYC Fright Night Movie Meet UPDATED!

Fright Night was a childhood movie of mine and now they've remade it. I'm planning to see it whether it is good or bad, so I've decided to invite you all to join me. If anyone remembers from the our last meetup, this will be just as fun if not more. (However this will be a much better "bad" movie than Beastly")


Update: I've forgotten it was in 3D. For the sake of our wallets I've decided to choose 2D listing. Please see updated info under the cut.

Note: Again I've come to forget that I will probably not be able to eat actually dinner food due to having had a tooth pulled the day before (-_-). So dinner after will probably not happen as a group, but maybe Pink Berry if it's nearby.

Date: Friday August 19th,2011
Time: 6:25 showing. You can purchase ticketshere
Where: Lincoln Center Movie Theater (144 West 65th Street, New York, NY) New LocationRegal Union Square Stadium 14 (850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003)
Cost: 13$ (+$10 for snacks)

Dress code: Gothic/Casual.

Please let me know if you have any questions or cannot make it due to the change in time and location. Apologies in advance for the new earlier times, but it's either 6:25 or 7:50 2D showing in Times Sq (which I personally don't recommend due to extreme crowds). Unless people object to the earlier time we will do Times Sq.

Guest List:
lenimari512 +2
aliknyankochan +1

frozenemotion9 +1

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