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Cos & Effect 2011 Lolita Fashion Show

Cos & Effect is a new cosplay and alternative fashion convention that took place last weekend (Aug 13th & 14th) at the University of British Columbia. Here are photos from the lolita fashion show, organized and hosted by the lovely purinyappykura and annieduck . Thank you guys for doing a great job on such short notice. 
I don't know everyone's name/username, so if you see yourself feel free to comment and let me know. If you have other photos from the event feel free to share and I'll add them here (please get permission from the photographer first).

Kicking things off with the sweet lolitas:

cottoncandy_joy  rocking OTT sweet.

Lovely sharon237  in AP.

Janice in a lovely BtSSB fairytale print.

cottoncandy_joysharon237 , Janice, and Esther (in old school sweet, sorry I don't have a photo of you separately D: feel free to link me to one in the comment).

Helena's hime twist on Metamorphose.

Next  up, the ladies in classic:

Devin in a cute toned down look.

Beth looking fresh and casual.

Devin, Beth, and Claire (in an elegant Metamorphose set, once again apologies for not having a separate photo of your oufit).

And now, the gothic girls.

A lovely old school gothic oufit (I'm sorry I didn't get your name).

kuroda_asuka 's classic take on dark AatP.

Me in OTT AatP,

crazisilverange rockin' BtSSB's black wedding set.

"Jojo" Joanna in a lush combination of peacock green and black.

Next up, pirates!!

annieduck  decked out in awesome pirate gears.

Mike looking dashing in pirate aristocrat.

And last but not the least, the show-stopping boystyles!

Terry in an amazing classic ouji outfit.

Yuki in fantastic visual kei.

Alex's rather badass take on dandy style.

Eric in a crisp, aristocratic suit.

All together now!

Some bonus/pre/after-show shots:

Photobomb by the one and only Ivan Karelin (and my other pair of shoes).

Another awesome photobomb (along with our gyaru friend Sylvia).

annieduck 's sexy derp face.

Getting ready before the show.

One of the con organizers, Dan of IRL Events.

And finally, our awesome photographer and his first time wearing kodona, Jason :)

Hope y'all enjoyed the photos!

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