Lady Diana (princessediana) wrote in egl,
Lady Diana

Marie & Gali english subbed episodes ?

Hi lovely frilly girls :3 !

Like some of you, I'm a big fan of japanese anime and dramas !
Especially the ones with Lolitas ;) !
And I started to watch an anime called
Marie and Gali !
And there's a very cute Lolita in this anime :

(For those who want more informations about it, Wikipedia is your friend ^o^ !)
But as you may know, nothing is more frustrating than starting a TV show
and not finding the rest of the episodes...
So I googled as much as I could to find all the anime subbed, but I found only until the episode 09 (ToT)...
So I was wondering if there was anyone here who's more talented than me for googleling (<~ lol ?),
and who found the whole anime english-subbed (or french :D)...

Please, help a poor anime-hoolic (。-人-。) !
Thanks a lot in advance :) !

(Oh and... it seems that there's also a cute Sweet Lolita in season 2 !)

EDIT : Each episode lasts only 5 minutes, so give it a try if you don't know this,
you won't really waist your time /o/ !


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