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Just for Lulz: How to Loli-fy your Vices! (Not suited for underage)

Hello everyone!

I myself am a big partygirl. This does not mean at all I am not a Lolita, and I don't stop being it while partying. So, just for the Lolz, I thught I would type a quick funny guide on how to lolify your unloly vices xD
Please Remember: For those of you under the age of 21 (or 18, depending on your country's laws), drinking and smoking is not allowed to you. Also, smoking is bad for your health, drinking exessively also is. And please remember: this post is for fun and for loughing! Do not take this stuff seriously (badly enough, I do ¬___¬) Oh! And english is not my first lenguage... I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes xD

For those of you who like to smoke:
I love smoking. Smoking is a hobby for me, and I enjoy tasting new and different types and blends of tobbacco. In order to Lolify this, as do I, you can do the following:

1) Roll your  own tobacco with strawberry flavored cigarette paper! Not onely does it taste nice, it has strawberries stamped all over it! Kawaii! (?)

2) Get yourself a nice, funny, extravagant cigarette filter. Nothing more sophisticated!

3) Carry your tobacco, filters, cigarettepaper, etc. In a kawaii little box! Or deco your own one!

4) Try some extravagant, pretty looking cigarrettes! There are many fun brands!

5) Play with diferent tobacco flavours and roll your own cigarretes. Rolling your own cigarretes may help avoiding some (not always!) of the harsh chemicals that cigarretes in packages tend to have, and the smoke smells better (well... a litte... if you dislike tobacco smoke you may not like it either, but I believe tobacco smells gooooood)
6) Find yourself funny and elegant ashtrays, like teacups, teaplates or little kitshy porcelainboxes you can find for very cheap at thriftsores.

For those of you who like to drink:
I love drinking, as long as it is not too much. I wanted to share some funny, more refined and loli-suitable drinks with you, along with tips to make drinking time prettier xD
1) Tea with a kick: Boil a cup of your favorite tea and spice it up with a splash of your favourite Booze! Add some lemon, honey or spices!
2) Glühwein: I have german grandparents and they taught me this delicious recipe for cold winternights: Pour one box of cheap (sweet) wine into a pot and add one box of orange juice. Add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and anise. Bring to a quick boil (or extend boiling to lower alcohol levels). Pour into cute cups and enjoy!
3) Buy (or make!) yourself nice glass markers to differentiate your glass from the ones of your guests!

For partying:
Why not wear lolita when you are going out clubbing?! Use a replica or cheaper pieces from brands such as Fan plus Friend or Bodyline so you don't ruin fine Burando with smoke and/or naughty stains.
If you love a specifical print, Buy a cheaper replica of it(like from brands mentioned above or taobao) and take it to a seamstress to make it shorter. Remember to wear Leggins or sportshorts underneath! A lady must always be modest!
Gather up with your lolita pals and have some tea with a kick to turn your event into a decadent teaparty only for adults (remember you must be older than 18/21!). Play fun drinking games, strip-pocker is neverending if you are all wearing lolita because of all the layers we tend to wear! Please remember though that you shall drink moderately and always keep your manners!

So! That's it. Hope you enjoyed it and loughed a bit. Remember lolita is all about having fun, and if you like drinking or smoking you shall by no means stop this in order to be a "correct"  lolita. Just remember to always keep your manners and be polite, Lolita does not require for you to change your personality!
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