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Milanoo an*tai*na* tea parties review and Loris Bag review

This my first review on here.  When I saw an earlier post a few weeks ago asking about Milanoo Tea Parties I thought I would take on for the team and order a pair.
Yes - I knew the risks, I was fully prepared to find a cabbage and rusty bloodstained nail in my box.
I ordered the shoes on 3/8/2011, the shoes were $41.99 and shipping to the UK was$11.98.
I went with standard shipping.  The Estimated delivery was2/9/2011.  I got a shipping confirmation 12/8/2011 and the shoes arrived today.
Here is the link to the shoes I ordered
I ordered a US size 7.  I only have Secret shop tea parties to compare them to.

So this is the box I got

Plastic covering on soles.

As I have only Secret Shop tea parties to compare them too, the size is good, but the upper material doesn't feel as good as the Secret Shop ones, but I've been told that Secret shop teaparties tend to be higher in quality.  As these are from Milanoo, I'm suprised I even got a matching pair.
I don't want this to become a "NOOOO MILANNOOO ARE EVIL" post.  I'm not a noob, I knew I was taking a HUGE risk.  I'm keeping the review as impartial as I can.  Just posting the pics and the facts.

OK, next up Loris.  I think they seem to have stepped up the quality as I have seen a few posistive reviews and I'm adding this to them!
I got the bags on a taobao order with other stuff so the timeline doesn't really apply - I'm just gonna post pics.


A small fault is visable on the left corner of the bag in the pic above, its like its not a close fit.  Its the same on the Mint bag

The "pleather" on the mint bag on both sides also looks more "worn" than the pink bag.
I've used both bags now and stuffed loads inside them and no seams are coming apart and the handles are in the same condition as before.  I will def order from Loris again.

Thanks for looking
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