bhevarri (bhevarri) wrote in egl,

question about sock fit- 3 pairs

Heya! Sorry for the lack of funtimes content here, but I have a question that's been bugging me for a while now and I would just love to have an answer if anyone can help me!
I've had a look through the memories and found very little related to this, and so far nothing to answer this question.

I'm looking to buy three pairs of socks

In the past, I've had issues with socks (especially fun interesting socks) fitting over my calves. I don't tend to think my calves are all that huge, but I'm starting to doubt! At the widest point, they measure about 40CM around.
My question: Does anyone have these socks? Are they very skinny and with little stretch, or will they stretch nicely? I know the SS socks are popular but I haven't quite found any posts about how they stretch, specifically, and the other two pairs, I just can't find anything about.
They are inexpensive, but I'd rather not pick them up if I'll just end up with yet another pair of useless socks =(

Thanks muchly! I hope someone will have some advice here, otherwise I'm goin' in blind and hoping for the best!

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