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JSK Mod Party! + Questions on Suspenders

Hello again everyone! I posted yesterday with a cosplay-ish monstrosity, and have returned with some follow-up questions about separates and some basic drafts that, if no one would mind, I would like some feed back on. I think all of them improve on my first outfit, and all of them are well within my sewing abilities.

First, you'll all be happy to know that the white overlay is gone, as are all traces of that gold satin and the bow. Upon reading some 30-odd comments regarding it and its way-too-white 'milk-maid' look, it had to go. It has been carefully, albeit ravenously, torn apart for its most basic parts (lace, white cotton), which will be re-purposed and reused for these upcoming designs. With it, I have some 6-ish yards of buttery cream/yellow-colored cotton, several yards of 1/2 inch eyelet cream-colored lace, and 6-ish yards of white cotton at my disposal. After all, who doesn't love a Lolita that recycles!

Since I'm not too sure how to post this giant creature of a sewing post in the same pretty way everyone else does, I will err on the side of caution, and put the actual draft entries into the first comment instead to avoid turning the front page into a wall of text. That's sort of selfish. Thank you for being patient with me!

First things first: Suspenders. I love them to pieces from my punk years, but can they be used for any style outside of punk, or even in punk at all? Are they a Kodona-only thing? The last thread introduced me to the idea of separates to suit my plus-sized figure, and I'm curious to see if they're allowed at all outside of boy-style.


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