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Replica Lists? And Color Coordinating!!

So I might be a little slow and might have missed it, but I used the search function and looked at the sidebar but I couldn't really find anything.

I'm looking for a list of Reliable Replica Sellers. Like I'm not looking for going through Taobao but like sites like Fan+Friend. If you guys could, can you give me a list with links?


Now, my next question is on color coordinating. As I'm still a slowly adding to my lolita wardrobe I've found that I want other colors besides my main color (which is pink) As of right now, all I have are pink shoes from Bodyline. And right now I'm not interested in buying a new pair in a different color.

My main concern is what other colors I can coordinate with my pink shoes. Because according to my best friend I'm a little tacky when it comes to clothes and colors xD. So like for example, if I buy a Lavendar OP for sweet would that go good with my pink shoes? And what other colors would go good with my pink shoes? Because I would like to extend my color choices in Lolita ^^;
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