sir_lillywhite (sir_lillywhite) wrote in egl,

help! really messed up DOL replica.

I ordered several things from dream of lolita, and the majority were just fine, but my sugary carnival skirt arrived covered in something sticky. It's not visible on the front of the fabric, only the back. i tried washing it in cold water, and it didn't help.
The sticky is kind of like ... sticker residue?
So, does anyone have any idea what it is? something related to the printing process? Should i try washing it in hot water, or will that only make things worse? Any sugestions are appreciated.
i ordered it though Taobaospree, are they ever able to get refunds from DOL? It doesn't seem very hopeful, since I'd probably have to pay more to ship it back than its worth, right?
pictures of this mess under the cut:

Tags: *dream of lolita, review product: skirts, review: brand replicas
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