victory vampire (baxaronn) wrote in egl,
victory vampire

Stupid Questions II: Return of the Stupid Questions

Can Anna House's petticoats be ordered with custom sizing? I don't know if I'm being excessively paranoid or not here, but I'm working myself into a frenzy because it doesn't specifically say they can be bespoke (bespoked? bespoken?) even though it doesn't say they can't...

Since I'm ordering an OP from Anna House I thought I'd get a petti at the same time to save on shipping, but their XL is too small for me. :(

And, um...

Am I fooling myself thinking I can put together a decent coordinate for about $300? I was so excited and sure of myself when I last posted, but now I'm not so sure. D:

I know I just posted, but... hopefully you lovely lolis can forgive me? Working this out on my own is really overwhelming. Hopefully some of you can relate! @__@)

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