louis_etoile (louis_etoile) wrote in egl,

Moi-même-Moitié sizing question

Hi there!
I've been thinking about buying my first MMM piece, a long jacket or long gilet, but would like to make sure I can fit into it properly first. I'm 5"1, so length wise the size 2 fits me best, but my bust is 4cm too big for a size 2, as it says the bust is 82cm. (I have a 86cm bust, 70cm waist)

So my questions regarding MMM Mens size are:

1) Is the whole collar included in the length measurements?(hoping dearly that it won't drag on the ground)

2) If it does drag on the ground a little bit, will it ruin the coat? I've heard MMM is so well made that it can handle a lot, but would this be pushing it? ( I know I can wear platforms with it, but I like to wear my lolita/aristocrat pieces regularly and I'm too clumsy to extend my platform wearing beyond events).

3) Is the longer portion of the jacket simply extended skirts, or is the whole torso a bit longer? I'm a bit worried that the tailoring that is meant for the waist will fall closer to my hip and make me look frumpy or the jacket ill-fitting.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any information or advice you can give!

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