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You remember all those Meta LP post a couple weeks ago?

So long story short, I too ordered a meta LP a couple weeks ago. The problem was, I had it sent to my dad's house rather than to me, since at the time my address was in limbo. And since my dad lives about 250 miles away from me, just far enough to make weekly trips inconvenient, I was unable to retrieve my LP till today!

I forgot to take package pics XD. I guess I was just too excited to see what I got.

I was hoping against all hope that I would not get the pink skirt. It seemed to be the most popular option that Meta was sending out but I personally did not like it. Fortune seemed to be on my side

I have no idea which skirt this is. But its gorgeous!

I was REALLY REALLY hoping to get the chiffon blouse. That was something I wanted. Instead I got this. FYI I don't do cutsews >.> It is cute though.

standard pair of bloomers that I'm pretty sure everyone else got.

and of course the bag and face towel.

All in all I really really like what I got. The skirt is definitely a keeper. The cutsew, not so much.

I also received my Night Fairy Fantasia, once again in the same situation as my Meta LP. I got the jsk, bag, otk socks, and headband *o yes, the whole coordinate :3*

I know, its a pretty sad picture. But I promise to show a picture of me wearing it :3

The headband. Totally adorable.

my bag! Its so big! Idk what I'm gonna do with all that space XD

I have my full coordinate on, along with bodyline's Heart Buckle shoes.

Thank you so much for looking, even though its so late. I would have posted this sooner if I had received my stuff sooner. Next time I promise :P
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