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Celga + AP english online site Reviews


lol review dump.. i actually have one for kawaii goods too but that's another day coming i promise!



Celga so i bought this <link here> off mbok on july 17th.

celga emailed me when it was in.. the usual..

i paid for shipping.. on aug 7th..

then today ^_^! it came in!

this i have to post about because thats 3 days!! from japan to canada.. even with canada's stupid customs!!!! omg fast!


so heres the package:

lol i love that they wrote fragile, i had asked them to mark the package down, they told me they always do but oddly enough they wrote it at exactly what i'd asked.. i fear if i hadn't they wouldn't have wrote it down enough -_-

inside, lol funny japanese grocery store paper.. lol


OMG BOOM my heart just exploded -_-' i am in love.. but wait?!?!?! where are my wrist cuffs?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

for some reason my wrist cuffs were not in the package.. i check everywhere i opened it to make sure i didn't miss them..and then i double checked the link to make sure i wasn't loosing my mind and they were included.. but some how it was missed..

now either the original seller didn't send them or celga dropped em out for some reason.. either way it was kind of irresponsible on their part not to make sure everything was in my package. I sent them an email hopefuly they get back to me soon so i will update on that.


as for the seller i bought it off of if i knew who they were lol i'd buy again everything is in place minus the wrist cuffs


communication 5/5
shipping 6/5
overall 4/5 (because obviously they don't check things..)


emailed celga yesterday got a reply this morning

I'm sorry about that.
We will look into it and get back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you and sorry for the trouble!

Angelic Pretty Online English SIte

I ordered Socks from AP I can't remember when, it was as soon as they re-stocked french cafe ones.
anyways normal cart process.. weird i had to pay for my item and then pay for shipping not all together..

I do like that you can have things marked as a gift and lowered value on their site which i didn't know bout until now O.o

i checked up on the site.. there were no updates or any emails.. so i was kinda of confused..
just under two weeks later.. i get my package LOL i guess they shipped it?

i was a little upset when i saw this.. i hate when people use the bags as packaging i like to keep them :(

but then! there was a bag in the package too!! yay!!!
free sticker and nicely wrapped ^_^ i'm happy ^_^

Communication 1/5 (there wasn't any other then the website)
shipping 4/5 (woulda been nice to know it was shipped but it was fast)
overall 3/5

service is terrible but i did get my items and they obviously are perfect ^_^


anyways thanks for looking! hope it helps others!!

bonus picture mmmm crepes...i think i need one for lunch tmw...
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