kittycat64 (kittycat64) wrote in egl,

How Puffy Should a Petticoat Be?


I am planning on wearing lolita clothes for the first time in public at a upcoming con. I know this is probably stupid, but I also can't help feeling worried whether I'd be able to wear it properly since I want to try to look my best and at least, try to show the appeal of lolita to my friends. @.@

I originally bought my dress and petticoat in China, but the petticoat was really nothing more than a thin miniskirt, so I had to get some extra layers tailored added onto underneath. However, with the event coming up soon, I still can't help feeling indecisive whether or not I should still add some more layers underneath.
I didn't know who else to ask, especially since removing layers from petticoat seem like it be something almost impossible without damaging the fabric, so I thought I come here and ask for the expert lolitas' opinion here on what I should do. ;)


Do you guys think the skirt should be puffier? OR would it look better if it was puffier?

Click here for the pictures...Collapse )

Also, do you guys think white socks would look better? Should it be knee-length? Or maybe ankle-length?

Sorry for being so insecure and indecisive! >.<;;
Thank you very much~


Sorry this is so late!!! I've been trying to get ready for my con haha >.<;;

ANYWAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY FOR THE REPLIES! I really appreciated it, I feel a lot more confident and relieved now~ ;D

Thank yon once again! x)
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