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review: secret shop + clobbao


 First time posting to egl, correct me if I've done anything wrong. (:

My Secret Shop boots came in the mail today! \o/ They're absolutely gorgeous, so I have no complaints at all. 
I ordered model 9202 in white, size M (23.5cm) 
I ended up paying about $104 for these, inc. shipping and paypal fees. 

I bought them through clobbao, and everything went really well! It took a while for the shoes to actually ship out (I paid on the 8th of July, the shoes left china on the 28th of July;;) but clobbao explained that it took a while to get them as they were at the supplier's warehouse. They were really polite and lovely answering my questions, and they responded quite quickly! Their customer service is impeccable. (: I'll definitely order from them in the future!
Customer service/communication: 5/5
Shipping time: 4.5/5 

No pictures of the package itself- my mother was too excited to wait until I got home, so she opened it. She told me, however, that it was really nicely packaged, and although the box was slightly flattened....

everything was really carefully wrapped, so no damage to the shoes! \o/

 plastic packaging it came in~ 

These fit pretty well, with a little room to spare. (My feet are 22.5cms~) However the calves are a little snug, lol. It's probably just because my calves are quite wide orz;;; But overall, i'm really happy with these! - 5/5 :)
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