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don't mind me, just freaking out a little...

My parents just sprung a wonderful surprise on me; in early November they're taking me to see two of my favorite artists ever in the whole wide world! *__* And in return, I have a surprise for them (my parents, that is); I want this to be my first time wearing lolita.

...but once the excitement wore off, I realized that I'm drawing a complete blank on everything this wonderful community has taught me. Everything.

I guess the most important question is - do I even have enough time? Can a plus-size loli acquire a quality JSK and accessories in time for a November event? And while I know where not to buy things, I'm drawing a blank on where I should be looking!

The second is what I'm really nervous about - if it's even possible to be more nervous! I have somewhat limited mobility and frequent issues with clothes; for those reasons, I want to dress more casually my first time. I was thinking a JSK with simple hair accessories, a cutsew, and tights; I know I'm comfortable in much heavier petticoats than lolita calls for, but shoes are going to be an issue. Would ballet-style flats be at all acceptable?

Any help or reassurance you can give me would be appreciated more than I can put into words. I know these are silly questions, but my brain is in excitement overload right now and I can't think! XD;

(Oh, and... if any other Oregon lolitas are going to see Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman in Portland... I guess I'll see you there? o: )

ETA: Oh hey look another question!

I'm absolutely positive I've seen another plus-sized loli's review of this Anna House OP... but I can't find it! D: I've looked through the memories, the tags, used the search... and no dice. Can anyone help me out?

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