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ClobbaOnline and HMHM review

 I ordered this JSK IW Replica from brand HMHM a bit ago and gave accurate custom measurements from a tailor.

I received it a week and a half ago and it came out rather large and ill-fitting...

It was about 2-3 inches past my knees (as you can see I am lifting it up...).  I had given measurements so that the JSK would arrive at the middle/just above my knees.  
Also, the bib portion is rather large (I have a really small bust and I feel it looks a little odd on me...)  and the elastic in the back was HUGE and loose.

I took it to the tailors down the road from my work and had her fix it up some.  

We arrived at this.  Now, the bib still looks really large, but it's an ok length (this is with a super floofy petticoat underneath).  I think it is wearable, but I'm still upset about it.  It arrives to 2/3 up my knees-ish without petticoat.

The fabric is also really thin, even with the lining.  I tried to put on a more tame petticoat, which is pink, and it was like neon.

I suppose I arrived at the point where I get a bleh replica.  

Clobba was very nice about this problem.  They also gave me good updates when I asked and had a good price for shipping.  I would definitely order from them again for shoes or something or other.  

Quality:  3/5
Fabric:  4.5/5
Price:  4/5

Service:  5/5
Shipping:  5/5
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