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Photoshoot + Recent Outfits

 Hi lovely Lolitas

This is my first time posting here, nice to meet you all :D
My name is Helena from Vancouver , Canada. Hime Lolita is my most favorite style but I often do sweet too . 

First is my outfit last month for my birthday
JSK: Moonlight Night - Metamorphose
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: DreamV

Here're some photos from my most recent photoshoot at Steveston Brittania Shipyard with my sister, Sharon <3. We wanted to do contrast lolita but unfortunately I dont own anything just solid black O_O''
My outfit consists of: Candy Fairy JSK - Angelic Pretty, Btssb Bonnet, Anna House Blouse and DreamV shoes

And here's a photo to show my accessories
I update often on my my Blog, Deviantart and Tumblr, if you're interested please check them out >:D
Last thing I want to say, if you guys like my outfits and Hime Lolita style, please help vote for me in Kawaii.i Fashion Contest .The process is very simple, just follow this link -> to VOTE for me.
Remember you've got to allow the facebook app to access your personal information to use it, so for your own privacy it's best to remove/block the app after you're done with the voting >:)

This is my outfit for the contest :D

Thank you very much for reading <3<3<3


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