Pheona Kin (phe_chan) wrote in egl,
Pheona Kin

Crafting supply help - where can I find large pom poms?

A while ago I bought a wallet at a sanrio store that had a large pom pom on the zipper. This ended up being problematic with the small opening in my purse so I replaced it with a charm. I used the pom pom to make a charm for my DS, and I absolutely love the way it turned out.


Now I really would love to make more accessories with pom poms like this! They'd look super cute replacing the tassel on my parasol, as hair clips or more charms. The trouble is that I can't find any more pom poms like this one, only the cheap little craft ones or handmade yarn ones, which aren't the same thing. This one is pretty large and its center feels like it's sewn around fiber fill so it doesn't feel like it'll unravel on me. I'd love to have more like this in multiple colors so if anyone has any idea where I can find any like this, I'd be very grateful.

Edit: Have a DIY solution. :D Thank you for the help.

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