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Question: How to clean/wash Lolita clothes

Now I am aware that these kinds of posts have been done before and I have tried searching on EGL (nothing recent and so far everything I have seen is specific), so I hope not too many of you mind posting answers again.

I have already tried machine-washing some blouses and skirts that are pretty plain (AaTP and BPN) on gentle wash and so far, no damage.

I really want to learn about how to wash cutsews atm because the cutsew is more urgent. I have these PN cutsews that I have worn and seriously need to be washed but I want to be sure if I really can machine-wash these because I do not want the design to crack. One of these also have glitter on it, so I also want to be sure that will be okay in the machine as well (I read an earlier post though that if I decide to hand-wash though, to NOT let it soak).
I also would like to know about JSKs, OPs, and anything with a print for future reference.
I mean if they cannot help but be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, so be it,  but if there is any shortcut I would like to know. Life can be busy and I may not always have the time to hand-wash all of these clothes.
Thanks for any help!
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