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Fantasy Sheep Wigs?

I've seen Fantasy Sheep Wigs being discussed here before, and I've mostly heard good things about them (except for things not related to quality, like shipping time/delays). However, this past month or so I spotted a number of egl users saying the wigs don't look the same IRL as they do online, they're thin, etc etc. I had been planning on placing an order with them, so this made me a little hesitant to do so.

Well, I figured I'd just start a thread asking for opinions and, if possible, photos. I'm mostly interested in their chin-length bobs, which come in a wide variety of loliable colors, so if anyone has experience buying those, it'd be great to hear from you!

Help me decide if it's worth it to buy their wigs, or if I should look elsewhere. But it's just so hard to find shorter/mid-length wigs instead of the big poofy long ones everyone seems to wear. T_T I don't look good in those.
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