Sören (vackert_vitt) wrote in egl,

Looking for a brand dress that will fit a somewhat masculine figure

I would really like to have a dress from one of the name brands, but I've been hesitant to order one because I have such a non-traditional body shape and size that fitting into pre-made lolita garments is usually a challenge. My favourite brand is Angelic Pretty, but I know I have very little hope of fitting into their clothes, so I am considering Baby the Stars Shine Bright as the best option because my preferred style is sweet, I know they make some clothes in large sizes, and I have a blouse of theirs that fits me. Can anyone recommend specific brand dresses (OP or JSK) that would fit me? My measurements are under the cut.

Height: 168 cm
Shoulder width: 42 cm
Arm length: 55 cm
Chest: 89 cm (this is due to the width of my ribs; I do not have breasts)
Waist: 80 cm
Hips: 89 cm

The areas I usually have trouble with are the shoulder width and chest. Even dresses that supposedly accomodate an 89 cm chest with room to spare have been tight on me, because they're made for figures with narrow ribcages.
Tags: discussion: brolita, discussion: menswear

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