damaoscura (damaoscura) wrote in egl,

Quality of EGA for men coats


I was just wandering if anyone in the community has had the opportunity to check the quality of the construction in off-brand EGA jackets and coats.

I´m thinking of items like this one from Fanplusfriend: coats with a definite aristocrat/dandy flavour, but built very much like a regular men's suit jacket.

My boyfriend is interested in getting something of the sort for himself, but he is picky about his jackets :-) Specifically, does anyone know if these coats are built with a rigid interlining, the kind used in suit jackets?

FanPlusFriends Elegant Goth Gothic Metal Buckles Tuxedo Tail Jacket

I looked at previous posts, but it seems no-one has asked this kind of question before.

I wuold be grateful for suggestions about other good quality offbrand EGA/dandy clothing.


Tags: *fanplusfriend, discussion: menswear

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