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using 'cosplay' wigs with kodona/lolita?

i've got a rather odd situation going on right now and i desperately need to get this sorted before i dare make a fool of myself in

so i recently purchased a wig from cyperous' cosplay section and it happens to be a wig for Ao No Exorcist(Blue Exorcist), it's for the character Ryuji Suguro, and I was originally going to use it for cosplay purposes only, until I realized how awesome the wig looks on me. I'm a guy, and an aspiring kodona/aristocrat, and I can't for god's sake get my hair to cooperate with me enough to wear it with such an interesting style, but all the wigs i've ever tried on have looked odd on me, except for this one! the way the wig creates a 'faux hawk' look is really nice and flatters my face and even makes me look a little bit taller, so my question is, is using wigs that are originally meant for cosplay, despite not being 'too out there' acceptable? the wig sort of reminds me of the OTT split wigs that lolita wear, and i enjoy it because it's unique and has colors(blonde/black) that flatter me as well.


link to the wig:

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