candy_gram (candy_gram) wrote in egl,

Question about Loris handbags

While I've attempted to do my research and have learned of the risk of purchasing a Loris handbag in which the handles may rip off, that is a risk I'm willing to take given the price of the bag and the fact that I'm curious to see of my local cobbler could reinforce them. However, I've yet to find a review in my searches that tell if the bags are at all "stretchy".

That is, I'd love to purchase one to carry my laptop around in school (as I personally very much dislike the look of regular totes and can find no other suitable alternative that I like the design of), but of course my laptop measures just about 1-2cms too long to fit into the length of the Loris bag I have my eye on from Ling_Lam on ebay as they have more selection that Clobba. Would anyone be able to tell me if this 1-2cms would really make a difference and if I could reasonably squeeze my laptop inside? Or are the bags pretty stiff and this would only ruin it?

Thanks! :)

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