Nazareth Craig (namrotavele) wrote in egl,
Nazareth Craig

loliable patterns!

 I went yard saling today and found these really lovely patterns at a church's yardsale for 20 cents each. They are for little girls dresses, but I still think with the right alterations they could  work really well!
I'm into doll customization right now, and I'm planning on making a doll of my lolita character Sin-Sin, so I'm going to scale them down for her (im no where near  nice looking enough to put a lolita dress on myself :'c)

If anyone else here is into customizing dolls and all that, I could post the resized patterns once I figure them out. Some of the skirts on these definitely seem too short for most peoples tastes so that is one thing i have in mind when  making alterations to the patterns, and the straps on the foremost dress in t he second picture, If I make that one I'm going to widen  it. Anything else you guys notice? Most of the jacket patterns im not using, I'm not a big fan of them.

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