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Unicorn in Bloomland in the rain?

Sorry to have to ask this because I'm sure there have been many similar posts, although I can't find one specific to this print.

Long story short, I'm going to a meet-up tomorrow in Bristol and I'm hoping to wear my pink Unicorn in Bloomland JSK, but the weather report says there will be some showers there. My worry is obviously that the colour will run and the print will be ruined. - Link to said dress

The tag says dry clean only and not to get the dress wet, but I've heard that this isn't always true for other Baby dresses that say the same . Also, I did two small spot tests on the print and found no colour got rubbed off.
But do you think it's too much of a gamble?

Sorry to bother you with my annoying question; any advice would be gratefully received!
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