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Lolita Meet and Film Shoot - Saturday 13th August - Stafford!

Hello there all!

Francesco - aka The Telegothika - excited to announce that I'm staging a special Lolita meet and  filmed event for the forthcoming Lolita lifestyle TV/DVD programme!

You are all cordially invited to...

"Realities of Fantasy LIVE!"  
Special Meet and filmed Event with attractions, workshops, fashion show and more!
Saturday 13th August. 10am - 4pm. 
Stafford University, Beaconside, Stafford (ST18 0AD) TV Studio One 

Special shuttle car service from train Station to Studio (enquire for details)
You'll be greeted with complimentary tea/coffee on arrival. Entry

Please RSVP as soon as you can thank you!


In conjunction with numerous Lolita groups in the UK, this exciting, unusual yet charming event will involve a Meet, Bring & Buy Sale, Fashion Show, numerous workshops plus professional photography. Exquisitely refreshments will be provided by the quirky girls from Sprinkles cake company. Not to mention that the event will be filmed in high definition for the show. There's ample opportunity to be filmed in your lovely co-ords and interviewed about your Lolita lifestyle too. :-)

This is a first of its kind event, as it combines a meet, event and professional HD filming in a specially & attractively furnished air conditioned studio. We'd love to stage future events like this, feel free to show your support and RSVP on LJ or on the facebook event page "Realities of Fantasy LIVE meet & studio shoot" Workshops, Lolita stalls & fashion show models have already been signed up but we'd welcome for more, so please below for further details. Best enquire by Monday 8th or before all the spaces are taken up! XD

FASHION SHOW......We're looking for Gothic Lolita of the mid-90's through to the contemporary Lolita styles.
BRING & BUY............If you want to sell your items. Also if you wish to help with the stall there are incentives.
LOLITA STALLS........If you sell Lolita related or suitable items please apply. Stalls are £7.
WORKSHOPS...........Numerous ones so far but if you want to share a talent, feel free!
MUSIC.........................If you'd like to play live in the studio or want to bring your music collection, please apply!
INTERVIEWS.............To appear on the programme being interviews in our special interview area, just ask!
PHOTOGRAPHY.......A photography area will be setup for you to have quality shots taken of yourselves.

Whether your a newbie or an established Lolita, the programme & the event would like to promote & showcase the fashion & lifestyle. From the sparkling creativity of home-made to the luxurious decadence of brand and from the lifestyle of the quintessential Lolita to the adventures of the avant-garde Lolita.

Hope to hear from you soon all and see you on the day! Any questions or suggestions just message me. If you'd like to add me (Francesco Telegothika Calvano) on facebook too feel free as theres pictures from the filming of the show on my profile too. Below are some relevant photos...

Current promotional graphic. Imagery contains photos by Fleur Challis Photography.

The large studio space being used for an arts show. This space will be turned into a Lolita wonderland.

Filming Kanon Wakeshima at Hyper Japan. She was so cool, bit nervous but enjoyed chatting about her dress!

(You may well have seen me dashing around numerous Lolita events in the past three months such as in Paris, London, Birmingham etc. Perhaps you remember the stuffed cat on the sofa at Hyper Japan next to the B&B sale?...well that was my cat companion on this show! The premiere of the trailer to the programme will be screened at this event, so if I've filmed you then you may see yourself on the big screen!)


Links:!/event.php?eid=140662502686499 Event. Sprinkles. My channel with clips of Lolita shoots. Trailer appearing soon!

Ciao for now! 


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