Fluffy (lil_kitt) wrote in egl,

Picture request - colorful, happy, shouting lolita(s) !

Hi all,
I've been assigned the task of designing the poster of an annual staff dinner at my workplace. It can get quite busy and stressful here, but unexpectedly, the winning theme as voted by the staff this year is "Colors of the Rainbow".

I'll be working on the poster using photoshop over the next few days. My idea is to have small, "cut-out" style pictures of a few bored looking people (dressed in dull colors) on one side, and a big "cut out" of an exhuberent, colorful lolita on the other, shouting "COLORS OF THE RAINBOW!!" across. 

I tried searching for pictures online but I did not manage to find what I was looking for... so I would really appreciate if someone could direct me to, or even *fingers crossed* contribute a large, clear picture of a sweet, brightly colored, happy looking lolita (or perhaps lolitaS) who looks about ready to shout a happy message to someone. It can be AP-ish, deco, or even OTT. 

The dinner is not for profit, and the use of the poster will be restricted internally to our staff room and office. 

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ! 


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