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Advice or opinions on these taobao items? :3

 Just wondering if anyone has bought these items and what you think about them before I fully commit.

My measurements fyi: B34-W25-H35
Height: 165cm or 5'5"

Dear Celine

Chiffon Skirt: OR
I can't decide between white and black. I've seen some reviews on the black version but I haven't seen it worn. What does it look like without a petticoat?

Chiffon blouse:
I have pretty wide shoulders (~40cm), do you think it would still fit me ok? Or could I get them to custom size the shoulders? 

Same questions about the shoulders but not custom sizing. 

Is this petticoat really as big as it looks?

Surface Spell

Peter pan collar blouse:
Same question about the shoulders and custom sizing.

Chiffon blouse:
Same question about shoulders and custom sizing.
This vs the Dear Celine blouse, which do you think looks better?

And that's about it! I've also been looking for a good classic floral or no pattern OP and/or JSK, so any recommendations would be appreciated ^^

Thank you for your time!

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