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Recommendations or suggestions for sock coordination

Could anyone recommend or suggest a sock or stocking for a good coordination with the Bodyline Fairy of Forest JSK in black? When I posted a picture of myself of my Lolita outfit on my Tumblr I got ripped a part from every angle on my outfit. And instead of quitting Lolita all together like I wanted to in the aftermath, I have decided to try to improve to learn and move on. So I thought of asking you amazing girls because this is the main artery of western Lolita that I have come across, what would you use (sock and other things if you'd like to write more ^_^) to make a beautiful coordination with this JSK because I'd rather not get bullied again online for a outfit I was having fun and feeling beautiful in. I'm too old to deal with that lol. Thanks so much!


ok here is the picture.....please don't destroy me too bad



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