Sydney (marmaladeskies) wrote in egl,

Shopping in Tokyo

I've read the shopping guide in the memories by sumirechan, and I've read blondedebates's shopping guide, but I still have a few questions I couldn't find answers to and would be grateful if anyone could fill me in as it's my first time visiting Japan and I'm travelling alone so I'd like to know what to expect.

When shopping in Japan and you enter a store, will the clerk just say hello and then leave you to browse unless you ask for help? Or will they follow you around and try and help you anyway? I just get nervous as I'm a very shy person and speak very little Japanese so the thought of over helpful clerks kinda scares me ^^;;;

Speaking of which, I shall have a phrasebook with me and I've been trying to learn Japanese for my trip with Rosetta Stone, but if I struggle, do the clerks speak any English, even a little? I don't want to sound ignorant, but I'm scared I'll forget the Japanese I've picked up and the clerk will have no idea what I'm trying to get at.

And if anyone just has any little culture tips for me to keep in mind whilst I'm there so I remain respectful and don't put my foot in it at all?

Many thanks ^^
Tags: community: real life shopping guides
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