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A little horrified by Custom House

So I've been searching for the perfect set of shoes to coord with my pink skirt for a while, and figured it was finally time to get some legit Lolita shoes. (If you remember, I posted a while back asking about a pair of Secret Shop shoes) After a lot of comparing quality and prices, I decided to go with Clobba Online and buy from their Custom House line.

...And now I'm really regretting I ever did.

These are the stock photo of the shoes I ordered:

Ok, I can deal with the almost complete lack of communication and the fact that you have to BUG Clobba just to get an update on what's going on. I'm even ok with the fact that Martin quoted me 18 for the shipping and made me pay 20 instead. I'm even ok with not being warned about the extra $3 Paypal fee for him billing me even after the difference in what he quoted me. 

I'm even ok with the fact that after almost a month of no contact, Martin emails me telling me that my shoes are finished BUT they're in a different swatch of pink than what I ordered.

So when I ask Martin to take a picture of the shoes, this is what I got back:

Ok...The color works, but the shoe is pretty messy and it honestly doesn't look anything like the stock photo. I'm even under the impression that the heel is different than what's being pictured as well. Call me crazy--but the heel in the stock photo looks a lot more curved and thinner. This is just a straight up chunky heel.

I mean, this might very well sound nitpicky, but I paid almost forty for these shoes and that's without the shipping. I feel like, realistically, I can go into a shoe store in the mall and get a cheaper pair of random shoes that are much better made.

I dunno--am I just crazy?! I really feel terrible for being nitpicky, but this just doesn't sit right with me. What should I do--what can I even do?

Thanks for taking a look, any advice, or even reactions would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Forgot to add that I really don't think this is any of Martin's fault. He's a very sweet guy, and he's been very helpful when I actually DO get a hold of him; also I imagine Clobba has a very small staff and it's probably tough to get to everyone at once. That's why I put Custom House in the title, because if it's anyone in the wrong, it's them and not Clobba Online.

EDIT 2: Martin and I talked it out and he took another picture for me out in natural sunlight, at the same angle that Custom House took their stock photo at:

While the heel is indeed different (whatever about it at this point, because Custom House is adamant that this heel works best with the design--for sturdiness), It looks a hell of a lot better in this lighting, and I finally got to see the front of the shoe. This is still wearable, and from this angle (which most people will be looking at it from) the fact that the PU bubbles up isn't that noticeable.

I decided to go ahead with the order and Martin ship them to me anyway. He was super-sweet and refunded me $7 for the difference in the heels anyway.  I'll update more when I get the shoes :)
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