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Complexion & Coordination

Hello all! As I've pursued my love of lolita, it's had an influence on my overal fashion sense. I've started noticing which colors look best with my skin, and done a little research on color seasons.

In general, I have my favorite colorways (mmm, gothic and bitter sweet) but lately I've found myself more and more attracted to sweet or light classic colors, depending on the dress. When Baby released Chocolate Fairy Tale fascinate, I fell in love with the print, and ivory was my favorite colorway for the JSK. I visited Baby SF and was lucky enough to find it there, only to cringe once I held it up to my skin. I have rosacea and keratosis pilaris, which makes my other wise semi-cool "soft-winter" skin a ruddy red/pink.. the ivory and pink in the print drew out every last bit of redness in my skin! It was awful, and I even had on my good makeup. I've yet to test any other ivory or pink dresses to see which it is that causes it, but it seemed like it was the pink accents.

My question for you ladies and gents is if you have had problems getting your favorite colorway to look good due to your skin, and how, if anything you cope? I've been eyeballing a few pieces in pink (namely Dream Sky JSK, Baby's Rose Candle JSK) but I think I may be out of luck if I get any pink anywhere near my face or upper arms (though a blouse helps there). Typically, I look best in turquoise, burgundy and purple (dark-medium, haven't tried lavender). I think classic is awesome and I can sometimes find those colors, but typically I'm more attracted to Baby and AP's prints and cuts (I have a huge wishlist; no help needed there lol). I could stick with black, burgundy and navy all the time, but sometimes I think certain colors make a print sing best, depending on the design. If I got Dream Sky or Rose Candle in pink, or Vampire Requiem in Ivory, I'm worried they might make me look like a jigglypuff! Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?
Tags: beauty: make up/skincare

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