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Can anyone help me identify these dresses?

I really like knowing the names of my dresses, the year they were released, etc, so it's been bothering me for some time that I don't know anything about these two dresses I own other than the brand!  I bought them both secondhand and after a lot of browsing through Hello Lace and Lolibrary I still haven't found much information.  So I figured that hopefully someone here will be able to help me out :)

The first dress is from Meta, and while I wasn't able to find the exact dress, it looks similar to this, but is definitely not an exact match.  Maybe its a different version?  Here's a pic:

The other dress is from BTSSB and is one of their babydoll style jsks.  However I haven't seen this particular one with  a floral pattern anywhere.

Thanks for your help!

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