Momo-Pyon (loli_world) wrote in egl,

In search of Lolita friends :D

Well hello, hola, I come in peace ^_^
I do not own any lolita clothing... BUT~ I do wish to become a lolita :D
Sadly or as far as I know there are no lolitas here in massachusetts(preferably in the Boston area). And if I had
a lolita friend to support me I think I would actually have the courage to go out in lolita clothing (once I get some) ^_^... I'm
interested in becoming a classic lolita! :D I seriously can't wait, but you know
what they say... the more the merrier! :^D

I have already checked the communities. But none of the communities in the U.S have MASSACHUSETTS as a state =_="
So if you're out there...
Could you please (don't tell me your address) but to tell me
Your name
Landmark near you

If there are any lolitas in Mass. please let me know! =D

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