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Umm, hi.

 So I used to be on here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time.

I quit trying to do loli stuff. It really upset me to always be too big for my favorite pieces, or too poor.

I still can't get over it. I get really upset about it still.

Okok, so I realized sweet isn't something I like on myself. I have too much bust to get the look I like for sweet.

My true love always was classic. Absolutely. MM is so gorgeous!! I always felt it would be flattering on my hourglassish figure as well. 

37-28/29-37. My current measurements. A smidgen big for MM/VM, right? I see some things where "Oh, if I mushed myself into such and such I could..." But who wants that? I want my clothes to fit. Especially at the prices I'd be paying.

So, I feel pretty out-of-date, but any developments in classic that would fit me? 


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