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Dear Celine, White Moon, and Taobaospree Review

 Okaaay~ So I just got my order in the mail today, and thought that this might be useful for someone :)

This is the Dear Celine Dress, size L 
Link: item.taobao.com/item.htm

I LOVE that the front is unbutton-able and that you can take the ribbon off with buttons, so you don't have to tie it every time, plus, one side you can't pull/untie, so I don't think your supposed to anyways.

  This is the front, all buttoned up.

The dress, all laid out


A close up of the front details~

I'm sorry it's so blurry! But there's a cute little anchor on the button :) I think you can see it on the picture above.

Cute lace detail! I love the rose vine :)

back details! I love that it laces up :)

Back collar details, one looks a little folded over, but that's just from being in a box, it'll be gone with a little steaming.


Bow~ <3

White Moon Hat Review
Link: item.taobao.com/item.htm

Top o' hat :D

Love the hearts on the bows!

Super cute lace!


Inside o' hat :D

Dear Celine overall: 5/5 - I saw no loose strings, it  fit PERFECTLY and that's in caps, so you know I'm serious. The color is exactly the same as the stock photos, and I love it <3

White Moon overall: 5/5 - Once again, I think it was as close to perfection as a hat can get.

About Taobaospree...
Sooooo good! Lovelovelovelove them! Cici was super nice and put up with me and my father the entire time. And I mean she/he was GOOD. They e-mailed me even when they were closed, which makes me happy C:
It took a few days to get to them, then it took a day or two for my dad to pay shipping, and then (EMS) got to us in less then three days! I was flabbergasted. So awesome. 10/5

Now~ Some pictures of me wearing them!

Sorry about lack of socks and drawings from like, five years ago x3 my mom loves them, even though I redid both for her.

My face x3 so derpy. And the hat doesn't usually sit like it does in the pictures :/ Idk why it looks so floppy in them.
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