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Lolitas in Space! Meet-up Photopost!

Yesterday the ladies of chigothloli who were not away at Anime Iowa went to the Adler Planetarium!

It was a pretty excellent day. We met between 11:00 and 12:00, mostly due to traffic issues. There was a Paul McCartney concert, a motorcycle parade of some sort, a Chicago White Sox game, police barricades on highway exits... a typical weekend summer day in Chicago! We all arrived and had an hour to stroll the museum exhibits before our show. I'm really bad at taking photographs, or at least remembering to take them, so I don't have many of the entire group together before we branched out. :(

Group shot of the ladies first!
This was taken after we browsed the museum, but after everyone had arrived, and before anyone had left.
Timeline accuracy be damned, here we all are!

Row 1: Amy, Amanda, aonele, jola, pailletes, scenicoverthere
Row 2: i_am_molochai, treesdancealone, aerie_star, chunlichan, chiisaimomo, needsmorelace
Row 3: ninamori_san, vomitrocity, ellejayvee, hellowonderland, bunniea

I met a lot of new people and am having a hard time connecting your real names to your livejournal names!!! Please please, help me fill in the blanks, as I hate using real names on egl posts!! The blanks are chunlichan, scenicoverthere, and two girls whose livejournal names I don't even know. I'm sorry!! I know who you all are, I just don't remember which name goes where! XD

In the history section, there was a mini-set that shows how astronomy classes were taught during the renaissance!
hellowonderland and her husband found it first, and as we turned a corner, this was what we saw! XD

Sample text of studying the night sky.
Remember kids... fleas come from wet dirt! XD

There was a chair that showed how ancient kings used the phases of the moon to determine if they were in danger. When the moon was new, they'd pull a rope and be replaced with a surrogate king in case of danger. I don't know, but it made for cute photos.

Black hole mirrors!!!
These mirrors simulated what happens to matter as it approaches a black hole! The closer you get to them, the more scary they are! You start off normal, they it flips you upside down, then it stretches you out, then breaks you into pieces!! It was really actually scary if you stood there too long and thought about it, which was of course what I did. XD

At 1:00 we saw Deep Space Adventure, in the planetarium's newly renovated Grainger Sky Theater! It just opened back up two weeks prior after being closed for months and millions of dollars worth of renovations, making it the most technologically advanced theater/exhibit in the world! It was really fun, and had that old IMax feeling of flight, when IMax theaters where domed ceilings and not just a big giant screen like they are these days. But through space!!

After the show, there was mingling, group photos, and then High Tea served at Cafe Galileo's, inside the museum! Not all of us could stay for tea, and some could that didn't anticipate to be able to, so there was a bit of Musical Chairs. The cafe had an amazing glass ceiling and glorious view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline!
We really couldn't have asked for better weather for photographs!
(Although maybe we could have asked for better weather for comfort, as it was a bit hot for lolita layers, lol...)

ninamori_san, who had to leave early, and ellejayvee and myself triplet-ed in different colors of Twinkle Star!

There were telescopes in all directions!
At night they host a 21+ event here, called the Adler After Dark, which sounds really fun.

Everyone looked so wonderful!

Tea came in two rounds, we had the scone & sandwich selection, a break, and the exciting dessert selection!

After tea, I had the opportunity to get individual shots of everyone by a wall of stars!
I'm sorry that I didn't get more of everyone!

A few more random photos as we were leaving.

Thank you to all who came, and thank you egl for looking!
Hope you're all having a fabulous summer!
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