cyber_nekotron (cyber_nekotron) wrote in egl,

Wholesale lolita/decora/kawaii jewellery??

Hello ^w^! I'm Nekotron and my dream is to open a shop (non online) in my city in Italy. The problem is i want sell some very cute, sweet, lolita themed jewellery like sweets, bows, bunnies, alice in wonderland themed stuff, etc and also decora/very colourful jewellery in neon colors ( like the one you can see at 6% Doki Doki if i'm not wrong) and i want cheap or at least reasonable prices and i don't know to find them on the web. I don't know how to contact the manufacturers of the items... also why most of them are Japanese and i can't speak it. I'd like in alternative know some good chinese manufacturers of lolita-like jewellery (like the stuff you see on taobao). Sorry If i can result a little confused but i don't know what i have to do and planning to open a shop is a real hard deal and i have to think about it earlier for being well organized. I hope someone so nice can help me in this search ^^.
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