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more design advice ;-;

 Sorry to bug everyone again xX but I am having an art yardsale in september, and the area I live in is pretty.. Lolita-less. I think theres only one Lolita here that lives near my area! I'm making Lolita sticker packs, prints, etc, I dont want to offer up anything super innaccurate. I tried my hand at some  different styles, and I'm  worried they arent really very lolita-like.. I just want to make sure. Also, my sketches are really terrible, but i figured Id go ahead and get the suggestions for changes now..

The heads are going to be Sin-Sin in different hats, but I'm mainly concerned with the girl to the side, and the girls to the bottom..

closer view of the girls at the bottom. Left is meant to be sort of a Punk-Loli, and the one to the right is a Cheshire Cat loli

This one is meant to be a sort of Lolita alice, and the bag is going to be one of those Eat Me cakes..

I've used reference to try and stay accurate but I still feel something is off about these, so I'd appreciate the help.

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